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Apple reveals how much their new EV car will cost πŸš—

The Supreme Court battle for Section 230 is about to begin.

Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos) is sentenced to 11 years in prison

Do you have multiple Apple devices? Here's a solution for you 😊

Is Twitter already going bankrupt? 🚫

I compared the new Pixel 7 Pro with my GoPro

I'm back from Singapore!

Here's the latest we know on Facebook's 'Metaverse' πŸ—Ί

Elon Musk reveals a new humanoid robot

I'm starting a new semi-regular newsletter

How did Uber get hacked again...this time by an 18 year old πŸ™ƒ

I just launched a free marketing kit 🎁

I have been on a break 😊

Tesla just announced another stock split

These cute NASA drones just hit a new milestone

Why Every Brand Needs a Community

5 Weird Things I Bring When Traveling

Is Netflix about to put ads on their platform?

Has Google's AI Become Sentient?

I Spent $20,000 on Marketing Swag

Here Are The Best Places To Find Free Ebooks

Samsung wants $500 to stick your face on their fridge

Google's New Watch Is Looking Good ⌚

The results are in from my latest survey πŸ˜†

Tell me more about you 😊

Is your smartphone emitting dangerous levels of radiation?

This week's interesting reads around Elon, Amazon and Facebook

Is Google Going To Remove Cookies?

Is Microsoft Putting Ads In Our File Explorer?

Paid Post: My recent learnings to start 2022

Here's What I'm Reading

Snapchat, Netflix and Other Tech Updates

Ukraine-Russia and the Cyberwars

EP3: Solana $325 Million Hacked And Google’s Stadia Demoted

EP2: Mark Cuban Starts His Own Online Pharmacy

EP1: Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard in biggest tech deal ever

Y Combinator is now investing $500,000 in companies in their accelerator

Launching The 10 minutes with Cornertech and Marketing Podcast