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My Redundancy and Kickstarter Project

Is it the Year of the Google with all these new products?

Is Spotify losing $38 million to this 'white-noise' problem?

Microsoft is shutting down Cortana, is Siri going to shut down too?

Will Threads be the new Twitter? Here are my thoughts

My thoughts on the Reddit vs Moderator wars

Mercedes just beat Tesla to this massive milestone

EP11: Taking A Look At Apple's New Vision Pro Headset and Other News

This Android App was secretly recording you for the last year

Your G-mail might soon be deactivated πŸ” | Youtube announces unskippable 30 second ads

Elon Musk Steps Down From Being Twitter's CEO | Google Also Announces a Ton of New Products

EP10: Taking a look at Google's Recent Keynote Day

Making some small changes to my newsletter | Google announces its first fold phone

EP9: Google announces new phone and Shopify lays off staff

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Here are my marketing learnings and hacks for Q1 2023 | Edition 1

Google's own employees 'begged' the company not to launch Bard πŸ’€πŸ’€

EP8: Google Employees Call AI Bot Bard 'Useless'

Launch of Substack Notes, Was Apple The Founder of Bitcoin and Musk destroys this BBC reporter πŸ˜‚

EP7: The AI Chatbot Tech Wars, The Launch of Substack Notes and More

Here are Elon Musk's 10 promises he has broken overtime 😢

EP6: 10 promises Elon Musk has failed to deliver on

Elon Musk and top AI researchers asking for a pause on β€˜giant AI experiments’

EP5: The Growth of AI In Big Tech Companies

I Just Launched A Travel Kit Made by ChatGPT

Microsoft new AI, Co-pilot, will revolutionize how you use their Office products

The Ultimate Product Go-to-Market Kit For You 🎁

Is this general purpose humanoid robot coming sooner than we thought? πŸ€–πŸ€–

Uh oh - are blue paid checkmarks coming to Facebook and Instagram? β˜‘

Apparantely Google's new AI can do one thing ChatGPT can't πŸ’¬| 50th Edition

Is it bad to sleep with your phone next to you?

I'm alive and so is this newsletter πŸ“°